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Senior Product Designer with 15 years of experience in creating interfaces, I am passionate about innovative products. I bring my creativity with intuitive and enjoyable ergonomics, transforming your ideas into exceptional digital experiences.

Currently a Lead Designer at Thales, I excel in developing UX/UI strategies and collaborating with product and development teams to ensure coherent and effective designs. My background also includes freelance roles, teaching, and managing web projects.

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Final design prototype

Research and analysis

I start by engaging your users early and often. Learn from them and iterate to build a deep understanding of their needs. By working as a team to understand your users, I integrate the product's benefits at every level.


We start by deeply understanding your users and their specific needs. By creating detailed personas, we can represent typical users, their motivations, behaviors, and expectations. This phase allows us to precisely target the problems to be solved and define clear objectives for the project, thus ensuring a solid foundation for the entire design process.


By working closely with your team and users, we gather diverse ideas and perspectives. Co-creation sessions and team discussions generate innovative solutions and ensure that every member feels invested in the project. This collaborative approach fosters creativity and engagement, leading to more effective and relevant results.


We organize interactive sessions to explore user needs, brainstorm ideas, and quickly prototype solutions. These dynamic workshops let us test concepts rapidly and get immediate feedback. Involving all stakeholders ensures a common understanding and shared vision, leading to better decisions and smoother implementation.

Market Study

To make your product stand out in a competitive market, we conduct a thorough market study. By analyzing trends and competitors, we identify opportunities for innovation. Combining this with user insights, we design unique, differentiated experiences to strengthen your market position.

Deep understanding

UX Research

Understanding your users is crucial for creating a successful user experience. Through techniques like persona creation, market analysis, journey mapping, and user testing, we gather deep and actionable insights. This data allows us to design products that perfectly meet user needs and expectations, ensuring an engaging and satisfying experience.


Agile collaboration

I promote continuous collaboration between back-end developers, front-end developers, DevOps, and designers. My team and I work together at every phase, including ideation, to create high-quality products. This synergy allows us to respond quickly to feedback and constantly iterate, ensuring an optimal user experience and maximum satisfaction.

Innovative design

Product design

I strive to create innovative solutions that meet the specific needs of your users. We go through ideation, prototyping, and rigorous testing phases to ensure every detail of the product is optimized. This user-centered approach transforms creative ideas into tangible and effective products.

Measuring Success in User Experience

UX Kpi

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in UX are essential for measuring the effectiveness of our designs and their impact on the user experience. By tracking KPIs such as Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), Net Promoter Score (NPS), conversion rate, and retention rate, we can identify strengths and areas for improvement. These metrics enable us to make informed decisions and ensure our products meet user needs and expectations while optimizing engagement and loyalty.

Incredible Online Stores

Create every page of your new WooCommerce online store from the visitor’s first interaction to their last when the purchase is complete.


Years of experience







Research & analysis are the foundations of everything else

For the 15 years, we wander freely in the realm of advertising and visual communication, we love simple phrases, clean patterns, straightforward concepts, abstractions, but as a rule of thumb, and we always construct solutions to each problem we encountered. Without any particular style, movement, dogma, or perspective, nothing excites than a problem to solve, and no challenge is ever hard enough.
Making at the crossroads of modernism and intellectual purity to craft meaningful ideas that endure. German award-winning designer raised in Austria & currently living in New York City.

Discover the market

Every thought, innovation or design is based on discovering.

Analysis of data

Innovation, analysis, optimisation and continuous improvement.

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Working at the sweet spot between art and programing. Check me out on Dribbble or Medium.